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Brian's neighbor/my friend Brody is hitting the road for three months with an undisclosed band. Well, kinda undisclosed. He writes...

"The band I am traveling with requested a certain anonymity, and I can only imagine it's because of certain privacy policies. So, for the next three months, it will be, "so long self" because I am here to serve and work behind the scenes. And if any other band approaches me in the next three months I will be forced to let them know that I am spoken for. "

So if you're interested at all in what working in tour management for huge rock stars is like, check out his blog for journaling from a behind the scenes guy. And Brody, enjoy it while it lasts, man. Before you know it and you'll be back here in the cul de sac watching fifty kids with me and Brian in the heat of the afternoon. It'll be over in the "blink of an eye.

See you when you're unemployed again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So which band is he travling with again?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh the blink of an eye, was a good one...

Anonymous Jeffrey J. Stables said...

He's traveling with Blink-182? I thought they broke up! No wonder the need for secrecy.

Anonymous amy said...

what is brody's blog address?

Blogger Tracy said...

Gotta love subtlty!

Blogger Kathy said...

Mercy , Mercy, Mercy, Brody is gone. I can only imagine that he will have a great time! In a blink of an eye I bet he will be home.


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