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I'm filling in for the Director of Domestic Affairs this morning while she's at the grocery store picking up supplies and catching up on alone time. I'll report on this weekend's travels sometime soon I hope.

Until then...


Anonymous Todd said...

You allow her to leave the house?!?

great. our faith is done for.

Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

Can't wait to read. Be nice to your kids Shaun. Don't play too rough. Indulge in some cartoon watching. Get your son in some clothes. Ya know the usual check list.

Blogger GrovesFan said...

Also, don't let the dirty diaper go too long. There's never a good excuse for that one and we mom's know this! Sugar donuts are always a good deal (even for lunch!) and toss nap time out the door too.


Anonymous Brian Petak said...

Hey Shaun,
I waited a minute after your talk on Friday night, but you were swarmed and we both had to get to song critiques... but wanted to connect especially since your little guy Gresham is one my son Josiah's buddies at school at People's Church. Josiah prays for Gresham before bed often. Funny... I've prayed for Gresham with Josiah for a couple years now and never knew he was a Groves until recently. Wish we could have connected at the retreat but maybe some other time. Maybe a co-write?

Appreciated your words on Friday.

Brian Petak


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