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I thought we ran out of paloozas in the late nineties but the folks at Quest Community Church in Lexington, Kentucky proved me wrong. They kicked off the first ever Questapalooza - "a party for Lexington" - this past weekend and I was there.

I know this should have been written a few days ago but I'm a slacker this week. A picture's worth, well, you know, so here they are:

The church kicked off a new "teaching series" called "CRAVE" (I think I should get a royalty for that or something) and decked out their stage for it. (Those letters light up individually, by the way.)

Crystal Lewis sang in the three morning services with the Quest band and performed at Questapalooza later that night along with me and Tait.

Quest is the most unusual looking church I've been in, having taken over a fitness center and restaurant combo a few years back and remodeled it into usable space.

On many of the walls are tiny black matted cards, each telling the story of one member of the church. I think I read them all. Reminders that this building and this crowd has been used to change a lot of people.

The palooza offered two hot air balloons, a mechanical bull, rides, meats on sticks, funnel cakes, ice cream and, oh yea, a stage with singer people on it.

I thought all this was worth posting first, to say thanks to Quest Church for having me back - this time for their palooza - and second, to expose folks around the world to a different kind of church. It's good to see different ways of being Christian - a huge gift my job gives me every weekend. If you're in an Anglican church in England, for instance, sitting quietly on Sunday mornings under a steeple taking in the organ prelude, you may not have had the chance yet to see a Church like Quest. It's good to recognize the diversity in Christianity around the world. Worth chronicling I think.


Anonymous Todd said...

Having lived in KY, I can say that it may be the Palooza capital of the south.

Quest sounds awesome. I love the potential afforded by a fitness center/restaurant.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shaun the youtube thing isn't working!!
Ohh so not fair funnel cakes! You're making me hungry! And I can't go home for Buggy Days this year. WAAAAAAAA no funnel cakes for me *sniff sniff, wimper wimper*...WAAAAAAAAA :(
This will be my first year to not be at Buggy Days it's so tragic! *cry cry*

Blogger Paul Clifford said...

Thanks for your write-up Shaun. We loved having you. Just a couple of clarifications. The building was more of an entertainment complex (rock wall, bowling, video games, laser tag) than fitness center. We've only been in there for one year. Oh yeah, and we jumped 1000 people in attendance in one Sunday from around 1800 to 2800 last week. Now that's not because numbers matter. We care because every number is a person loved enough by Jesus to be worth dying for.

Any of your readers that are interested can hear me talk about it some on Tech, No Babel (my church-tech podcast). I loved talking to you again.

A Quest Video Guy

Anonymous hollybird said...

Now I get it! I have a co-worker who is a member of this church, and she was out of work due to a sprained ankle from "falling off of a mechanical bull". None of us thought she seemed the type for the wild rides like that, but NOW i get it! She was at church!
On a more serious note... I think it is incredible that folks are learning to do church in new ways. Not everyone is the same. As the Body of Christ, we are called to be all things to all people. Good for you Quest, for taking scripture literally! Blessings on you.. And good for you Shaun, for being out there in the trenches too. Blessings on you and yours today!

Anonymous Lucy said...

Shaun, we absolutely think of you as a Quester. Please come back whenever you can!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should do more research on Quest...for every life they supposedly "change", they destroy two more. I'm one of the unfortunate ones who will never again turn to a church for any reason.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is for the person above that will never return to a church b/c of QCC. I am so sorry that you had a bad experience and was hurt by QCC. I do not know the circumstances, but please know that people are human and make mistakes. Did you address this problem? The leaders are very open to those that have concerns. But please know that you can get hurt anywhere but do not run away from God and stop seaking a community to grow in. Anyone can take a small misunderstanding and make it a war. That is how the enemy wins! And I know for a fact of so many lives(hundreds) that have recieved the freedom of Jesus b/c of the love the people show. I only know of 2 including you that have been hurt. But please forgive us. We do love you!


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