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I've spent the last three weeks relearning how to be a graphic designer. I was one once. When I wasn't selling Walkman's at Service Merchandise or janitoring or planning worship services at the church I was designing album covers for indie artists...who sometimes paid. (There's still a lady out of Texas who owns me money.)

Five updates of Photoshop and seven years later I'm having to learn all over again how to lay out a t-shirt and a website. Haven't had a lot of luck with designers lately (or money) so I'm doing it myself. Time consuming but fun.

For the rest of the graphic design geeks out there, here are some helpful sites I've discovered/been pointed to while relearning.

iStock.com - Great cheap stock images.

DaFont.com - Free fonts galore.

Deviantart.com - An on-line community of artists and designers sharing files and inspiration. Searchable. Tons of free PhotoShop brushes.

Corbis.com" - I've used Corbis for a while now for stock photos and video. Free comp size images and watermarked video files with registration.

What did I miss? Where do you go for all things graphic design?


Blogger Kristen said...

www.sxc.hu/ is a really great site for free stock photos. I've found quite a few really great shots on that site.

Anonymous Josh Madison said...

I agree with kristen.

Another cheap (read free) stock photo resource is Stock.XCHNG

As a designer myself, I frequent it almost every day.

It can be a little hit or miss… sometimes it's true, you do get what you pay for.

Check it out for yourself here's the site:


Anonymous Jeremy Lucas said...


Great chatting with you out at Questapalooza. Hope your design is going well. Would love to see some of you work.

Here are a few more resources for you to add to your collection...

bluevertigo.com.ar/bluevertigo.htm - A ton of resources.
sxc.hu/ - Free, high-resolution images.
typetester.maratz.com - Allows you to compare type styles for web pages.
www.alvit.de/handbook/ - A bunch of web-specific resources.
yotophoto.com - Photo search engine.

Hope these help.
God bless,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

GEEKS UNITE! See Brian, it's not just Shaun and I.

Blogger Davidge said...

Hey Shaunigans, I don't do graphix myself, but my company does...
www.easyoffroad.com - Off road company
www.cardiosupply.com - Medical Supply company. They were doing $2M a year, we improved their website and they did $2M in the first 3 months afterwards...

obviously those are websites, but we do graphix of equal quality...


Blogger benstewart said...

Web designer Cameron Moll has some great articles as well as his "Premium Linkage" section where he links to other great web designers and good news/resources. He did a great series on that "wicked worn" (grunge) effect that is still somehow hanging on around the web.

DesignFruit has some of those "wicked worn" photoshop brushes if you're into that sort of thing.

Veer has some great (expensive) images and type but it can be a good place for inspiration on a topic.

Pixel Perfect Digital and Morgue File each have some good pics every now and then, though I haven't been to either site in quite a while myself.

Abstract Fonts isn't quite as nice as DaFont (IMHO) but might still be worth a look.

StyleGala is a nice place to keep up with some web design news and links. It is also a web design gallery.

Blogger travis jenkins said...

i just go to ben stewart, graphic designer extrordinaire!

Blogger benstewart said...

travis: ha.


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