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I'm meeting the head honcho over at indieheaven.com for breakfast this morning. Then quickly from there I head to Music Row up in Nashville to be interviewed by a man whose last name is "Thunder" - so he would have us to believe. Then it's off to buy pants for that wedding I practiced for yesterday - and look through Brody's shoes for a black pair anywhere near my size. (Again, this wedding stuff is not my shape.) And I'll swing by my publishing company to request a license to manufacture a disc with my own songs on it. (Huh?) And home in time for lunch, after which I have some book writing to do.

A friend of mine - Amy - asked me not long ago what my day looks like when I'm not out on the road. Well, here's half of one. They're all incredibly different.

And I'm off...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

looking for my black shoes.... that's what my day looks like.

Blogger indieheaven said...

Had a great time with you this am shaun, thanks for your time and for your kind mention of Indieheaven here on your blog. We believe in your mission my friend! Every independent artists needs to learn from what you are doing in your mission.
Even though it may be harder to make it happen as an indie.. at the end of the day, you can sit back and know it's just you and God making it happen in partnership. Peace!
Keith Mohr
Head Honcho

Blogger Davidge said...

Shaun, you're in with indieheaven.com too?
wow, you're everywhere man!
I ran into Mr. Keith yesterday at Chik-Fil-A. He has good taste!
As is shown in Meeting with you, Shaun!


Blogger AmyCassidy said...

Now I know.... thanks, I'll sleep better tonight :)


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