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I was born in Lawton, OK but smelled the fajitas wafting across the border when I was two and made a break for it. I spent the next 22 years in Texas. My body adapted quickly and soon could only run most efficiently on Tex Food cuisine. So today, while the wether and scenery are nicer in Tennessee, my body and, well, my spirit too, putter along on the cheap fuel of Taco Bell. I'm forced then to schedule frequent stops in the land of Pappasitos as a matter of survival. This was one such life saving journey.

We arrived by plane in Houston where a man was allowed to set up a protest table outside the baggage claim - claiming that Bush was the antiChrist, Cheney was an UNnatural disaster, and other such nonsense. I had to marvel at how evenly God has distributed the wackos between the two parties in this country. It's only fair.

We quickly made our way to Pappasito's - #2 on my list of great purveyors of Tex-Mex. (#1 is Uncle Julio's). There, Brian and I gorged ourselves on hot sauce made from grilled ingredients and queso full of chopped onion and green peppers before diving into our entrees. Mmmm. God bless Mr. Pappa. He completes me.

Then it was on to Central Baptist Church where I played a show with Paul Colman. Paul goes to my church here in Franklin, TN but we've never really made time to get to know each other before this show. We sat, restringing our guitars in the choir room, and talked about music business and family, how he got started, whether country music is good or demonic, and lots of other stuff. He's a driven driven man with more charisma and ideas swimming around in his pinky finger than I've got in my body. Of course it could just be the accent. Anything Australians say sounds worth listening to. It's just not fair.

At the last minute we decided to play one large set together instead of two separate smaller sets. I took the stage and asked the crowd if that was OK with them and to cheers I invited Paul up to join me. Unrehearsed, we pulled off - but just barely - duets of each other's songs, me limping through harmonies (not my gift) and stumbling through my lyrics (I think my songs have twice as many words than his so it's to be expected.) In the end it was a great night, a change of pace for us both, and a chance to relax and cut up a little more than usual in concert. We were both forced out of any routine that may have found its way into our sets lately and were made to improvise and trust someone else for a change. Scary when you don't know where the other guy is going next.


Anonymous anna said...

Wow. i wish i was at that show. it soundend great. i bet you were like one of those kids when someone would ask you what you did during your weekend youd say a thousand exiting things that only the rest wish they did.

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Yes, I've always had a big mouth.

Blogger Paula said...

That would have been a great show. I love it when Paul talks...there is so much wisdom inside him, and somehow he manages to communicate that through his songs - even the more light-hearted ones from the PC3 days :)

Blogger Whiteboy said...

"Scary when you don't know where the other guy is going next."

And with Paul, that's always a serious concern. ;-)

PLEASE tell me you two have plans on duplicating this show sometime soon? Maybe on more of a widespread basis?

Sorry...everyone plays that "you know who I'd love to see tour together?" game. High on my list would be you and Paul, hands down.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with whiteboy, that would be an awesome tour. And if you brought it down under there would be plenty of aussie accents to listen to.

Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

Shaun you're always so much more fun when you have someone or something to work with. And I do say this with all honesty sometimes your big mouth says some of the most amazing things. Don't forget about your spiritual gift of sarcasm you couldn't have that without having a big mouth.


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