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We are now working with housing agencies given the task of finding homes for those still left in shelters after Katrina blew through Louisiana and Mississippi. One such agency must find homes for 600 families. We are hoping to take them all. With hurricane Rita on her way to Texas and Louisiana shortly, the number of displaced families will grow tremendously literally overnight.

We need your help. Please tell pastors and other church and Christian organization leaders about FindShelter.org. Urge them to go there and click on the sponsor link. Once they do so they will be contacted quickly by a representative of FindShelter.org and matched with a family in need of virtually everything. Sponsoring churches or groups are asked to supply ALL physical, mental and spiritual nurturing to their family for at least one year: clothe, feed, house, employ, counsel, medicate, pray etc. They need everything an they need it for a long time.

More families were placed this morning and we have men in shelters across the ravaged areas finding more families who need total assistance. We lack more churches and Christian organizations willing to adopt the growing number of homeless in the South. Prayerfully consider your part in all this. It's NOT enough to pray when we could be the answer to someone's prayer.



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