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Google claims it has mastered the search engine and is now able to eliminate time-consuming and irritating false results caused by blog pages and other websites listing frequently searched for words in order to attract visits. Let's see.

SHLOG.COM CONTAINS NO INFORMATION ABOUT THESE TOP QUERIES: anna benson, zac efron, kate beckinsale, miss america, jenna elfman, leif garrett, barrett jackson, american idol, tanith belbin, australian open, martina hingis, jill carroll, maria sharapova, seahawks, steelers, Janet Jackson, Hurricane Katrina, tsunami, xbox 360, Brad Pitt, Michael Jackson, American Idol, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Harry Potter, ipod, digital camera, mp3 player, ipod mini, psp, laptop, xbox, ipod shuffle, computer desk, ipod nano, free porn, on-line poker, myspace, or burnlounge. DID YOU GET HERE BY GOOGLING ANY OF THEM?

If so, I apologize if this test has been time-consuming or irritating to you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really appreciate Google's stand for free-speech, and for keeping the government out of our business.

...but only the U.S. government, since they're going to act as an Official Censor of the Web for the Chinese government, in order to make some serious jack.

I think Shlog will be censored (the God content) but I admire your sly attempt at pacifying the Chinese government with the red-star motif.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry...that's me, Brant

Blogger methy said...

green, ick, no.

Sometimes I am VERY surprised at how some people get to my site through google. It just makes me laugh.

Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

This post seems vaguely familiar to one you did last year Shaun. The “if you blog it they will come post? Yeah sounds a lot like it looks a little bit like it but once again you out do yourself and manage to get it somewhat different.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mentioned shlog contains no info about many items, burnlounge being one of them. But, if you google "burnlounge" (sans the quotes) yours is the 3rd site listed, just below the 2 URLs for the company that run it.

So Google still has some work to do.

I'm just glad there's not really any free porn here. Or Leif Garrett. Or any combination of the 2.

Anonymous Steve said...

If you are viewing irrevelent search terms from google in your referers, I would like to ask how long the term is producing the results.
I have found google adding new content above older, but for only a short time, as of now, I think google is giving more wieght to sites that have been up and running longer, so a week or two of new results has not lasted long in my expereince, but google is of course always changing...

Anonymous holly said...

Hey technically your October 13th post contains information about burnlounge.... :-)

Blogger jimmy said...

I found you by googling "get rich off Christ dyin'" which led me to the comments section on the Narnia marketing machine post.


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