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Thanks to TouchGraph you can now discover how your blog, or any other website is related to everything else on the net. In other words, you can see what branches are leading to and from your site on the incestuous web family tree. Here's my "family". What's yours look like? And how is this useful?

Click image to enlarge.

(HT:Tall Skinny Kiwi)


Anonymous keith said...

I can't get it to work for my website even though I have links on it.

Anonymous Theron said...

you are the man. this is great stuff. thanks for the link to icon tact. i appreciated your posts last week about your struggles. keep up the great blogging.

Blogger Michael Krahn said...

I can't get it to work either.

Anonymous Los said...

Hey Shaun. I met a lot of your buddies at the re:create conference in Franklin 2 weeks ago. Your blog has done wonders for me. Thanks. I pimped your blog on my podcast last week. Hopefully I sent some poeple your way.

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

I had to enter my url and then wait...a very long time.

Sidenote: Isn't WiFi great. I'm traveling to a gig in Georgia today, we stopped in a hotel parking lot in Atlanta for my road manager brian to run in for a second, and BAM! I'm on-line. Downtown Atlanta is full of WiFi signals - OPEN SIGNALS!

Great invention.

los, pimp at will.

Theron, love your blog, and your might mighty long list of links. Some great stuff in that pile.


Blogger robyn elise said...

shaun...shouldn't the title of the post be "geeky wednesday" since it was most definitely posted NOT on a friday?

(i'm just sayin')

(and i am apparently not patient enough to wait for it to generate anything for my website...maybe i should just set it up and let it sit for a while...)

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

yea,when you ravel as much as I do you forget wat day it is.

I've discovered that if your URL does not get enough traffic as defined by this program, you won't see anything. Only my blog, and not my booking site, ikon site or ikon blog, was able to be mapped out.

SHLOG gets 400-600 hits/day right now and growing, but the ikon blog gets 15-20 so your site has to apparently be somewhere between 20 and 400 to be mapped. ;)

The mapping doesn't kick in based on hits though, not exactly. It kicks in if your site is "similar" to other sites. Dockers would have Levis' site in their tree - they are related in Google's eyes. I don'tknow how they decide sites are similar though.


Anonymous Lu said...

Ah, that explains why I didn't get anything mapped either. Only about 15 hits/day average on my typepad site. And I'm lucky if 2-3 people/day check out my vox blog (thanks so much for the nod and blogrolling, btw!).

Praying for ya while you're on the road. (and God bless the inventor of wifi!!)

PS - Hey Los!


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