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This happens with CD Packaging in marketing meetings too. That beautiful illustration or easily recognizable monochromatic cover is replaced by a smiling (but not too smiling) "approachable" head shot, close-up, artist's name in mammoth font, album title right below almost as large - or, in Christian music, the band on a couch or in a line of some sort. And that first draft everyone "loved but we just don't think it pops off the shelf" ends up tacked to the artists wall, a reminder of what it means to give up ""creative control" to a marketing team.



Blogger Josh's Blog said...

Hilarious! So true! Microsoft bleck!

Anonymous Jon said...

What's so funny about that video is the incredible truth behind it. I consider myself a minimalist and it may have been the result of years of information overload from the likes of McSoft. More reason to love Apple. You know what's in the box (iPod, Powerbook) and you know why you want it - with a touch of mystery. They make the opening of the box an enjoyable experience since you're not burned out from reading about it. Experiential marketing. If you need to convince me why I need your product...well...I think many of us are tired of being duped.

Blogger Andreya said...

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