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Brian and I are booking a small "tour" of the UK right now - so far we're working on Stuttgart, Hamburg and somewhere in Ireland (Belfast perhaps). But there's so much more land to cover.

According to my clusters map (the world map to the right) there are many Shloggers in the UK and so I'm wondering if there are any pastors, promoters, radio station folks or anyone else among them with any interest in bringing me over to speak or sing for a church, school, pub or community. If you're interested in booking a night of our UK "tour" contact Brian or fill out the request form at TheHummingbirdAgency.com.


Blogger Duda Mano said...

Hey Shaun!
Congrats on the upcoming tour... hope it goes well!

I wanted to ask you a favor... I know I already gave you my blog address, and you kindly linket it on your blog... but could you change the address to it (again, I know, sorry for this)? I figured that it'd be more interesting if I opened another blog in english, so that you guys could read it, and all... well, here's the new address: http://eduardomano-ev.blogspot.com (the ev stands for English Version).

Thanks man!

Eduardo Mano

Blogger GrovesFan said...


I'll find out if our old church in the UK would be interested in hosting you. I'll let Brian know. Many of the members saw you when you opened for MWS in '03 in London. The church is about 1/3 American service members and families and a fairly active youth group.


Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Thanks, Beth.

Blogger DissonanceIsBliss said...

I'd suggest contacting the Christa Black Rebel Motorcycle Club of London. She might help you get some gigs.

Anonymous Steven said...

Any news on european tour dates etc?


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