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Granny knot. Then make a tree. Then run the rabbit around the tree and through the hole. Done. Shoes tied. For the millionth time.

I've used this method since Mrs. Heilman taught it to me in kindergarten. Before that I used mom, dad or strangers who looked like they needed something to do. You probably learned how to tie your shoelaces from a teacher too. Or from a father who learned from his father who learned from his father who...

And so you and I and millions more walk around with trees circled by rabbits on our big boy shoes to this day. It works for me. I've never questioned it. Have you?

But did you know there's more than one way to secure laces. There are at least sixteen. And I've decided to try them all. Not because the rabbit approach hasn't served me well but because doing something as simply subversive as tying my shoes differently is a challenge to the status quo and my own patterns of thinking and habitual unquestioned living. It's a tiny reminder that there might be a different way than what I've always known - a different way to think about almost everything. And that way just might be better, faster, more beautiful or more fun in the end.

And maybe knot.


Blogger bdg.theTRu said...

plus we all know that the tortoise beats the rabbit in the end, right?

you're always entertaining Shaun.

peace... love... bdg...

Anonymous Steve Shore said...

I'd try that. Except I wear sandals... all the time. And they don't have laces. Just velcro (or depending on the pair, a latch... or whatever it would be called; it's escaping me at the moment). And as long as I live in Florida, I don't plan on switching to shoes with laces anytime soon. Hey, sandals were good enough for Jesus, right?

Blogger Amy said...

Love the way you think. I just tried one of the new knots, and it reminded me a little of doing origami with only diagram instructions. but i think it worked. let's see how secure it really is. :-)

Blogger Paula said...


I always tied my laces a certain way - and then "double knotted it" to stop it from coming undone...

then one day while helping my friend put ribbon on wedding favour bags, I discovered a new way to tie a ribbon or shoe laces...I transferred it to my shoes, and it's very secure! no "double knots" required!

Blogger GrovesFan said...

Slip-ons work well too! As a mother of 4 I can honestly say I'm a fan of velcro too!


Blogger tray said...

i remember when my mom threw away my velcros and told me i couldnt wear them anymore... yea last week was really sad ;)

and this has nothing to do this post, but here are a couple other blogs that might be of some interest to you:

crowder: http://www.xanga.com/emprise34

chris tomlin:

louie giglio (passion):


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