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At ikon we're still teaching through Paul's letter to the new Christians in the city of Corinth (1 Corinthians) in our series titled, "A LETTER TO SIN CITY." And we're in the middle of some weird stuff we really don't deal with today: food for sale at the supermarket that was just blessed by a god we don't believe in. I've never once stood in the check out line wondering if I should or shouldn't put that pork chop back in the freezer section because it was sacrificed to a golden cow god just days before. Never.

But what chapter eight, the chapter we're talking about this week, does talk about that I have much experience with are the twin sisters legalism and license. One sits on a shoulder pounding her fist and yelling, "DON'T LISTEN TO THOSE PEOPLE MAKING RULES FOR YOU LIKE THEY'RE GOD! THEY CAN'T TELL YOU WHAT TO DO! YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO..." And the other sits nervous on my other shoulder, her notebook open, her pen writing feverishly every rule I must keep, checking each one off as I do. Her voice is quieter and shaky but relentless - "And don't do that either, that's dangerous - might offend somebody. What if Jesus came back while you were in that place doing you know what?"

So which voice do we listen to? How do we decide when rules are to be heeded or tossed aside altogether? Shoot, how do we even know what the rules are? Seems like everybody - especially Christians - have a few more to add to our already long list. If you're in the Nashville area and you see the world in stark black and white you might get a little irritated this week at ikon - but you're welcomed anyway. If you see no black and white anywhere you'll also have reason to squirm - but you're welcomed to. I'll squirm with you both as we have our ideas of right, wrong, love and community reshaped - and discover whether we should eat food offered to idols. You know, in case that ever comes up at the HEB or Publix in the future.


Blogger BethelTraumaRN said...

What is up with this??
Comments get posted & disappear...It's awful too cos I spent like, 45 minutes commenting on this whole thing....*sigh*

Blogger Amy said...

again, I wish I were in Nashville.....

Blogger Stephen said...

Nice graphic.

Blogger BethelTraumaRN said...

Ok, I'm gonna ATTEMPT to remember what I posted earlier on this...My nice long comment disappeared to who knows where & so I'm gonna have another go at it.

SO, I think the first thing I said, was that I'd be squirming for sure, cos I see 99.999% of the world in black & white, but I'm glad I'm wanted anyways :)

As for the whole food offered to idols thing, I think that was more of a worry in Paul's day, because of his culture and is not that much of a 'problem' per say in 2006. However, if you went to another counry where the food you would eat would possibly have been 'blessed' by a god, then I'd (personally) check into it. However, it IS in God's word, and He knew we'd be reading it in 2006 so I'm pretty sure there is some application to it all...just don't know what.

Then, I think it was verses 9-13, where it talks about kind of being a stumbling block. My pastor did a couple sermons on this, and I remember they really struck me as odd, but this is what I think they are saying.
The stronger Christian is called to give up their freedom for the weaker one.
My pastor used the example of a guy in our church who used to listen to rock music, which would either cause him to sin, or he would be sinning while listening to it. So, if I'm driving somewhere & I LOVE rock music, and the person whose sin associated with rock music is with me, I'm called to give up my 'freedom' to listen to rock music while with that person, because they are 'weaker' than I am, and they can be influenced by what I do.
I also used the example of the BC open dorms/curfiew. A lot of students here might be able to handle themselves in a guys or girls dorm after whatever time, but a lot of students wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to mess around, more than likely myself included. (I've never had a boyfriend or been in a messing around situation so I really don't know for sure) So the students who CAN handle themselves kind of give up their 'freedom' to be in the dorms late so that those who would or might struggle with temptation, won't.
Does that make sense?

Anyways, that's my 2 cents worth...hopefully this comment STAYS and hopefully it makes sense.

Luv to all


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