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This blog is busted again, you may have noticed. Tons of images are missing from your screen. Those images are stored on my server. My credit card company has stopped allowing my server company to automatically charge me each month. So no more server service until the credit card company cooperates. They say it's an anti-theft device of some kind. Right now it's just an anti-good looking blog device.

I apologize for the weirdness. Should be fixed sometime today.

Thanks for Shlogging,



Blogger Blake Stewart said...

"Right now it's just an anti-good looking blog device."

That's priceless...

Blogger The Cachinnator said...

No pictures? I'll never return to this site again!

Blogger MikeknaJ said...

Shaun, America wants to know what you think, in your professional opinion:

Taylor or Katharine?

Blogger Kat said...

Seems to be working now...

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

MIke, I don't even have cable.

Blogger Jeffrey J. Stables said...

You don't need cable...just network TV.

Taylor Hicks, of course.

And looks like the site is fixed. Plastic is us Americans' answer to everything.

Blogger Amy said...

35 million Americans watch American Idol and the news, radio stations, and television programs have been flooded with information on it. But it appears that Shaun has no idea what we're talking about. That makes me laugh.


Blogger Shaun Groves said...

I don't have network TV either. I have rabbit ears, but why bother?

Seriously. Ever tried a month with no media - including blogs? You'd be amazed at how much time you actually have.

Blogger GrovesFan said...

I don't watch "Idol" either. I don't watch the news (too depressing), but I usually read part of the paper each day (you know, the comics, the ads).


Blogger Amy said...

I watch the show because it's interesting, but mostly bc so many watch it and talk about it..I like to connect with my culture.

Beth--you should try happynews.com


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