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There's an awful lot of fatalism out there. Do you see it too? Especially when it comes to temptation don't you think? It's as if because God knows all, can do all, and is over all that we humans sometimes decide we can do nothing at all to keep our noses clean - so to speak. "I'm this way because it's just the way I am" or "God must want me to be this way or He'd stop me." I've actually heard these two excuses offered before - even from my own mouth.

Yet Paul, in 1 Corinthians 10, writes a letter to early Christians reminding them that there is no temptation they can't resist. That's hard for me to swallow, honestly. I'd much rather look at my trail of mistakes, throw my hands up and exclaim, "What was I supposed to do?" Apparently, though, like it or not, every time I felt "trapped" there was a way out, a door left unlocked. If only I'd jiggled more handles.

See you tonight at ikon.


Blogger introriff said...

I play better when I keep my eyes on Jesus. When I don't...I drop the ball (every time) and that is a repetitive source of frustration for me. Instead of dropping His head in shame, He calls me off of the field, and tells me "It's okay, you'll get it, keep trying".

Blogger GrovesFan said...

While that's one of my favorite verses, it gets me many trouble many times too. I also fall into the "God will forgive me anyway" line of thinking on occassion too unfortunately. Thankfully, He does forgive me, chastise me, love me and continue to pick me up and help me to jiggle those door handles more often too.



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