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Old people eat prunes and drink Milk of Magnesia. Rich people eat caviar and sip ancient wines. Country folk eat biscuits and gravy and guzzle sweet tea. Brits eat fish and chips and drink beer. College students? Well, college students eat crap and drink crap.

But crap to one man's colon is heaven come to earth for another. The "another" is usually 19-25, owns an X-Box, has a student loan and enjoys a metabolism faster than, uh, faster...than...a person's. (Couldn't come up with anything good there. Dang it.)

Anyway, tonight I taught (sang a little) and a room full of college students from all over North Carolina listened. We laughed, we cried...and then we ate. We ate like college students.

Behold. The dream feast of a 19-25 year old:

Food Group #1: Sugar.

Food Group #2: Caffeine.

That feeling you have right now? That's lust. Or sympathy indigestion.

More from the conference tomorrow.


Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

Oh puulease! That's not the only thing we eat jeez! I am a college student, I live in a trailer. I eat scrambled eggs in a bowl for a snack or cheese and crackers. I make brownies from scratch every once in a while don't tell me all I eat is crap! As for the caffeine...not all the time! Only when I run out of cherry coke which happens really quick in my trailer. Most of the time it's milk, water, lemonade, or pomegranet juice (yummy stuff full of antioxidents!)

AND I LOVE PRUNES so there! =P

Blogger cruz-control said...

Yes! Yes! Definately lust.

-22 years old
-Senior, Baylor University
-Yes, I have a student loan.

(But I have to ask: Where's the Ramen?)

Anonymous euphrony said...

A sharp eye will catch that the beverage selection includes:

Sprite Zero (no sugar, no caffine)
Diet Coke (no sugar)
Coke Zero (FYI, CZ is a nocalorie version of the original Coke formula, which we normally drink as Coke today, and Diet Coke is based on the New Coke formulation - you remember that, don't you)

So, there does seem to be some moderation. Some.

Blogger Katie Hart said...

This made me laugh out loud.

Blogger The Cachinnator said...

I'm so ready to barf right now.

... how did it happen? When did I... gasp... age?

Blogger Rachel said...

I shudder at the truth of that entry. But honestly, when you first said we eat and drink crap, my first thought was our cafeteria food (minus the organic/vegetarian stuff that sometimes comes through.) Compared to some of the food we're offered daily, the items you mentioned are a feast fit for a king.


Blogger Fruitcake! said...

Check out the gummy bears!!!!!! <><

Blogger travis jenkins said...

i see my hand in the coke pic!

Anonymous keith said...

Those Harvest Cheddar Sunchips are the grandest.

Anonymous junk food junkie said...

Looks like the diet ones remain unopened.

Yes, that is your typical college buffet. It's funny that you point that out. It never struck me as odd to see those items on a buffet before. However, this week, we had our first training meeting at my job. When I found out we were only having cake and doughnuts and frappuccinos, I thought, "You mean we'll be there for four hours and won't have any real food?" Does that make me an adult now?

I remember looking around the kitchen of our BSU for bags of stale chips when all we had out were fancier horsdouvres. And at my bachelorette party (it's okay--you can keep reading), we had bowls of candy, bowls of chips, and a cake, plus multitudes of pop. (There might've been a fruit tray...) I ate Nerds out of a cereal bowl with a spoon that night, and carried a two liter with me to Wal-Mart. Maybe that's why I didn't fall asleep until at least 4, and why I had a sugar/caffiene hangover the next morning.

Blogger Kathryn said...

ugh. . i'm with 'cach'. . feelin' queasy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha, so it's almost universal that uni students eat crap? I think it's partly a budget thing. Or maybe we just need the sugar and caffiene to stay awake through class? Ahhh, who knows, but sometimes the sugar just isn't appealing.

Blogger Coach_Zee said...


Thanks for kicking it with us this weekend. I will shamelessly leave my blog link here. Come check it out. (I am Bapt. Campus Min. @ UNCG.)


Blogger Tracy said...

Yep...College students are in that brilliant stage of life where one is officially an adult with the metabolism of a high school student. Luckies.

Love the bowl of gummy bears!

Blogger Christopher said...

yo, Shaun ... I realized I can use my gmail account as my blogger login - woo, so I don't have to use the "other" thing down there under identity. Wheee...

Yeah, that food was awesome - especially the chex mix!! That stuff is TOTALLY awesome.

Haha, and I think it's funny that Travis just HAD to get into the picture, even if it was just his hand! ;)

Blogger Susanne said...

Mmmmmm...I must go eat breakfast now (maybe I'll have some M&Ms for dessert!). I also need some of that caffeine right now!

Blogger AshleyBrooke said...

haha....hilarious! I was there! I had to refrain from all of the goodies though, but I did partake of the mountains of Hershey's Kisses...lol.


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