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I started getting hits today from a relatively new blog Remain Undone, popped on over and read a while. (See how that works?) Good stuff, Rob. Thanks for the link. And sorry, I should have been reading more often.

I don't know Rob. I've heard of the church he sings at (he's the music director) and recognize a few of the names in his blog roll, but other than that, complete strangers Rob and I. Yet eerily similar. Rob, for instance, is a graphic designer. Hey, I was one of those once. And he plays guitar. Hey, I did that once too. He reads lowercase people. I've done that. And he recently had his toenails painted.


Yea, so, anyway, check out his blog if you dig any of these things too.

Thanks again, Rob.


Anonymous Los said...

Rob is also one of the most giving human beings I have ever known. Thanks for linking to him. I am blessed to share in his journey.

Anonymous maTT said...

I second that. Known the guy for about 15 years, and can't imagine what it would have been like if we weren't friends. Thanks for linking to him. And talking about his painted toenails. Someone besides me needed to make fun of him for that one.

Anonymous Rob said...

Thanks for the link love Shlog. I think we do have quite a bit in common...I appreciate your views. Where we differ is, I want to make sure people don't here me sing. I do help direct the band but I stick to playing the electric guitar, I let Carlos do all the singing. I do like AC30's (going back a few of your posts).

Oh....and don't judge me for the toenails, you don't know when you might get dragged along to a baby shower.

Blogger Les Brown said...

Rob is an easy guy to love a lot. He's got one of the biggest hearts I've ever known, and he just keeps getting better and better on the guitar. Hard to find someone like that whose ego isn't well ahead of their talent, but Rob is one of the kindest and most humble people I've ever known.


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