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Supersimbo's bringing me to Ireland and has created a cool little blog button in his sidebar to promote the show. Got me wondering if there are other bloggers in Germany or Ireland who would be interested in posting similar promo banners on their blogs to spread the word about the upcoming European leg of our What's Wrong With This World Tour. (End of October)

Let me know if you are and where you are and I'll make something up for you. Good idea, Supersimbo. Thanks.


Blogger Kat said...

Where in Germany? I have several friends who live there. Some live in Berlin and some in Mainz (near Wiesbaden).

Blogger supersimbo said...

thanks shaun.................a pleasure!!

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

10.20 Coleraine, N.Ireland
10.21 Belfast, N.Ireland
10.22 Coleraine, N.Ireland
10.28 Dusseldorf, Germany
10.29 Stuttgart, Germany


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