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It's the day before the big day - the recording in Knoxville. Heard about it? New City Cafe. 6:30 and 9:30 PM. Tickets $10 at the door, $5 if you e-mail Brian right now and ask for them. Oh yea, that concert.

Anyway, I didn't sleep much last night. I tossed and turned. It was like the night before Christmas, or the night before the night before Christmas.

I'm trying to decide to day which songs to sing. Jim, the recording engineer requested a set list. Problem is I don't use a set list when I'm solo. Ever. I make it up. But with so much invested the temptation is to change my M.O. and actually, you know, plan and stuff.

I'll try but I can't make any promises, Jim.

I'm practicing today, pulling out old songs I never play, trying to decide if they're good enough to make the cut (translation: can I play them?) I bought a couple new cables just to be on the safe side, a tuner since my last one got stolen with that guitar of mine and never replaced. I ate some Chick-fil-A for lunch just to get a little extra Holy Spirit in me before the big day. I'm getting ready in every way I can think of.

I'd appreciate your prayers. For a good night sleep. A safe trip in the morning. Smooth set up of all the gear. Lots of people, some with DV cameras, showing up at both shows. Healthy vocal chords. And a set list for Jim.

Or maybe not.


Blogger Cristy said...

Praying Shaun. See you tomorrow. I will bring my DV camera that I do not know how to use, Amy says she does. Hopefully we'll get something out of it.

Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

Just do what you normally do Shaun. I know that set lists can be important for live cd's but really have you ever thought that most live cd's suck because they use the stinking play list and don't act like they normally do. Be yourself. Do the talking thing, pop jokes every now and then like you usually do it wouldn't be a Shaun show without the story of you and your daughter and Twilight. Be yourself, play the music you wanna play. Don't try and beat yourself up scrambling to remember chords or riffs to old songs you hardly ever play. Take the day off. The show will go fine and if people don't show up you'll still have a loud enough cheering crowd to keep you a-float. I mean really 3 girls and a guy from the boards, heck yes we'll scream! Prayers a being lifted up for you and Brian. Prayers for you that your heart and mind will calm down and let you sleep and also that as ya'll drive to Knoxville tomorrow that you won't freak out or get nervous. Prayers for Brian that he'll have to suffer through all this with you and to give him the patience to have the answers and deal with the things he needs to deal with. My dearest beloved Huge Soft Rock Star you can not have a melt down before tomorrow. Now go to your room and get some sleep!!

Blogger Kristen said...

I'm bringing at least 1 DV cam (2, hopefully) and tripods, tapes, etc. and Dad and I can tape at both shows if you'd like. (Email me if you need anything else.) We'll probably be there around 5.

As far as songs, I'd love to hear "Only" if at all possible. :)

I'm praying! See you tomorrow,
Kristen L

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

I'm bringing lots of DV tapes for anyone who wants to use them. See you there.


Anonymous Sonflower said...

Praying for God's hand over everything...

Blogger GrovesFan said...


I echo everything that Amy said. Just be yourself. That's what your best at and I know being the perfectionist you are that you would want nothing less than your best for this live cd. By "perfectionist" I mean that you demand the best, but only from yourself. You are always willing to help others achieve that too, but so generous with helping that to happen and so patient, even with the most difficult of us (me!). Relax, know that this recording is for those that already love you and what you do. Because it comes from the heart, it will be awesome, no matter what limitations you think may keep it down. I've been praying and will continue to do. Praying for sleep, genuine rest, peace, and the words that I know God will make you utter at just the right time. We love you because of who you are in Christ, and that's always perfect!


Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...


Blogger Davidge said...

Shaun, i love you brother and you have my prayers. I would LOVE to be there in person with both hands full of cameras and cheering with all my strength, but I'm on my own mission to help lead St. Paul's Youth Retreat. Because you opened my eyes to what a christian man is, and all that one can DO if led by the spirit. So my prayers are with you, now and always.

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Thanks, everyone.

Anonymous Stephen said...

Looking forward to it, Shaun. Are you planning on singing "Jesus"?

Anonymous andy o said...

wish I could be there, man. It'll be great.

Anonymous euphrony said...

Definately praying for everything to go smoothly on a technical level and for people to be touched both there at the concert and later, listening to the live CD.

Blogger Tracy said...

Can't wait to read about how it goes. Just prayed for you!


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