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My colon doesn't handle a pint of cheese and a half dozen tortillas like it did when I was in college. It gets angry.

Eric, Jess and Thomas, students at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Oklahoma, picked me up from the OK CIty airport about 10:30 (PM). As we got nearer to campus I simply asked, innocently, really, "Are you guys hungry?" Seconds later, I don't know exactly how it happened, it's a blur, I found myself ordering a bowl of cheese the size of my head and half a dozen tortillas. How'd that happen? It's like something took over.

Then these three guys lured me into staying up for another couple hours, hanging out in the alumnus house on campus where I stayed for the night. We ate and talked and then lights out.

In the morning (yesterday) I woke up feeling like I'd eaten a cinder block...with hot sauce on it...with a side of pop rocks...garnished with X-acto knife blades...rusty ones. Wow, I don't remember my nineteen year-old gut being so sensitive. It's just a pint of processed "cheese food" providing the FDA's recommended lifetime allowance of fat in one sitting...colored yellow. Why would that hurt me? I'm pretty sure, in fact, that I ate my weight in Cabana queso every day, usually after midnight, back in college. I'm pretty sure. Can't be certain. The strokes of my Senior year caused massive holes in my memory of college but...Mmm, cheese, yummy.

After saying a quick prayer that Taco Cabana would be cursed by God, I then repented of my midnight gluttony with a healthy fruit and bran based breakfast in the SNU cafeteria with Eric and then rolled myself into chapel to play and speak on behalf of Compassion International. Lots of kids were sponsored. Lots of college students gave up stuff like coffee and iTunes and purchasing the new PS3 and, yea, even cheese, to save up enough cash to save hungry kids' lives.

Thanks Eric, Jeff and Thomas for the great conversation, safe driving, and reminder (courtesy of Taco Cabana) that I am indeed not the man I used to be. Not sure how I feel about that.


Anonymous Thomas Zoch said...

Shaun, man it was awesome to chill with you and taco bueno it up. You really touched my life while you were here. I hope we cross paths again in the future. God bless man

Blogger The Cachinnator said...

Taco C is always much better in concept than in practice. The sad part is that no matter how many times I regret going there, (which is every time), I still manage to talk myself into going back.

My life was changed one day not long after college. I was sitting on my couch eating Cheetos and drinking Sunny Delight. I began to chew slower and slower until I had a moment of clarity in which I realized that there was, perhaps, no more artificial 'meal' on Earth. I nearly barfed and haven't touched Sunny D since. My little shoulder devil still talks me into Cheetos every now and then in between monthly visits to Taco C. Blech.

Anonymous euphrony said...

The lure of Taco Cabana, of course, is that it is a) cheep and b) open 24/7. I've been there in the early hours. I've regreted it later. I've then gone back. So much for intelligence and wisdom.

Anonymous Stephanie said...

Ahh, the poor man's special! I'm quite impressed that this is late night dinner of champions in places other than Odessa, Texas. Good times. Just be glad that you weren't tempted to try the glorious blessing/curse in Christian liberty that is the TC margarita. Oh.My.Word.

Blogger GrovesFan said...

What happened to all your hair? Did all that cheese make it fall off?


Blogger Shane S. said...

It was great to have you here at SNU yesterday, Shaun! I had hoped to talk to you after chapel, but unfortunately, I had a Statistics quiz across campus.

Thanks for sharing your time, music, and message with us. I'm working with a few others on my floor to sponsor a child.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hey man it was awesome getting to pick you up from the airport and it was great getting to talk to you at breakfast. Chapel was awesome! Everything that you sang and talked about was great. I hope that you had a safe flight back and any time you need a ride from the airport let jeff, thomas and i know. We will be there with queso and tortillas. Have a great week man. Hope to see you again soon.


Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Eric, I have rarely met college students as fun and smart and mature as you guys...with such stellar taste in late night grub too. Thanks for the ride, again.

And, yea, I downloaded Leeland and you're right: It's pretty great stuff.


Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

WELL I'L BE!! You cut your hair!


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