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Brant's looking for a church. Here's exactly what he wants:

"First, I want to be attracted by a glossy mailer.

From there, I want to be welcomed, gently, at an Enjoy Level Event, targeted at my kids, where I'm given a non-threatening introduction to the grassy area precariously close to the church's building. I want to then be made aware of the church's Sunday Event.

At that Event, I want to be met, where I live, emotionally-speaking, by the Worship Ministry. I want to be engaged by music that speaks to my generation, and an array of video images that assure me that faith is relevant in today's culture -- my culture. I want a guy to teach me the Seven Ways I Should Be Doing Something-or-Other in My Marriage. I don't want eight ways. I want Seven.

I do NOT want, at that point, for the Small Groups Ministry Team to step in, and make me aware of Small Groups that I can be involved in. No -- that should wait, until I sign up for an Introductory Class that explains the overall vision.

I want this vision expressed in a flow chart. I want to know how I can move through this flow chart, and move from Crowd Level, to Committed Level, and then, ultimately, to Core Level.

I want to find out how I can fit into the leader's overall vision, and become a cog in the dream that he was given for this very dynamic, growing area."

Read the rest.


Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Brant, you left out...

I want church to be closer to my house than it currently is. Fifteen miles is a long haul for me. Perhaps it could meet within five miles of my home, in a theatre or coffeehouse where I can just watch a "talk" on a video screen while sipping my coffee and taking a break from my kids.

Lot of that going around.

Anonymous los said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thankfully, we did find a thing yesterday: Some friends, and a few people they know, hanging out in a condo swimming pool clubhouse.

They had a bar, and we made it a chip bar. We had some of those kettle chips that are extra crunchy.

There was a weight room next door, and I got in some reps.

We did have some cool prayer together, and talked about some good stuff about trying to listen daily to God.

Chips were served.


Blogger Davidge said...

Shaun, would this count as a type of McChurch Syndrome?
or just a preference of worship environment?

Blogger Horton said...

I posted something today that is related to this. You may enjoy giving it a read.

The Gathering


Blogger Andrew said...



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