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It's strange, as I've said before, that anyone asks me to come play music for them. Stranger still that an audience shows up to watch this music making. Even stranger when I get asked back.

The stranger thing has happened.

I'm headed back to Northern Ireland tomorrow, and to some places in Germany for the first time.

I toured parts of Europe as the opener for this guys named Michael W something or another. Tall. Tan. Has a plane and some awards and junk. Plays piano. Says "yea-yea-yea" and "woe-woe-woe" a lot when he sings. You know him? Anyway, he took me along on his European tour a couple years ago I guess it was. We played the largest venue in The Netherlands (a soccer arena seating 36,000), the historic Apollo Theatre in London, and loads of other amazing venues. Crowds were the largest and most involved of any I've ever witnessed. A privilege to play fifteen minutes for.

I came back raving about Europe, especially Northern Ireland, to Becky. And now she'll get to see it with me. Tomorrow she and I and Brian and his wife fly out for the What's Wrong With This World Tour (only slightly funny if you own my last CD). We'll make tour stops in Germany and Northern Ireland but vacation a little in Scotland and England as well.

Becky's never toured with me and doesn't see my shows unless they're album release concerts - when I have a full band. She hasn't seen me acoustic in the last several years, not since before I was signed. So I'm looking forward to playing for her, traveling with her, and watching her see for the first time what is definitely the most beautiful land I've ever seen.

Along the way I'll try to make time to blog, if I have internet access, share pics and maybe even some video, and stories (including one amazing tale from the Michael W. tour stop in Northern Ireland I've never told before.)

So be aware that if my blog goes static for a day or two or three it's not that I've given up blogging - I'm just on workation with my family...or sick from an overdose of fish and chips.

Definitely see you when I get back.



Blogger Nancy Tyler said...

Give Scotland a big hug for me! I've always wanted to see where my people--the MacGregor clan--came from.


Blogger GrovesFan said...

Say a big hello to England for us. Kelly would've loved to accompany you. She wants to go back there to live so bad.


Blogger Andrew said...

Hey for touring in England, and Scotland, Check out the Great Britian Heritage Pass. My wife and I went this past may and got that, and boy did it help with expenses. You can get in with this pass to like 200 or more sightseeing things and national sites. We got into Stonehenge, TONS of castles (on that note, Wales is the best area to go!), and also lots of cool stops along the way. They have a big site online here: www.gbheritagepass.com

It was really nice to have that, because you get a book and a map with it. And it made it really easy to navigate with.
Have a great time and remember.....

Blogger Kathryn said...


Blogger Brody Harper said...

be safe. send pictures. i will see you in november.

Blogger Tracy said...

Ireland and Germany?!! Zer gut! Have a great time travelling with your fam!

Blogger Connor said...

woohoo northern ireland... thats where im from, might try and make it up to belfast on saturday...

Blogger Mark said...

I've never been to the British Isles, but I'd love to go.

I've been to Germany, and it was great.

Looking forward to traveling through your posts.

Blogger Kat said...

Wow. Great "Workation" That sounds really fun.

I'm going with my husband on a business trip to Houston.

Not quite the same thing.

Perhaps I should talk to him about the "Soft Rock Star" career track.

Seriously, have fun!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

where will the kids be?~

Anonymous emma said...

Where you heading to in Scotland? Sent an email a few days ago via your website, not sure who it got to if anyone?

Blogger Didymus said...

It's Thomas from BSU's Fall Convention '06...you know, Trinity's part-time fiance and full-time stalker. Have a blast in Europe. I took Trinity there in May and we got engaged in Stockholm, Sweden. Enjoy my motherland, Germany, for me. I can't wait to get back there. If you're ever in my part of the country again, hopefully we can get up.


Blogger noelle said...

hey, I found your blog site at 3 this morning while working on homework. I've heard your songs before and the other morning I heard the song, "Should I Tell Them?" I wanted to let you know what an inspiration it was to me. I had just tried to witness to a group of kids here at college and it didn't quite go the way I had hoped...then I got back to my dorm and heard your song. It was like God was saying, "One more time. Keep going." So, yeah, thanks for letting God use you.

Blogger Thomas said...

Have a great trip Shaun.


Blogger The Cachinnator said...

I love the tour name. Haven't seen anyone else comment on it, but I think it's hilarious. Have a blast and have a pint for me!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. London, Belfast, Scotland. I've always wanted to go to Australia

Anonymous Lisa said...

Hey Shaun!! Nice to hear you're still alive after having fish and chips shoveled into ya at Coleraine! I go to coleraine baptist and went to the concert on Friday... and enjoyed it so much I had to come back on Sunday morning at church to hear you play...and then came back on Sunday night again!! I luved your songs and the lyrics really move you to tears, (not bore you to tears like some christian songs!). I had to buy a CD and have listened to it so many times I kept getting asked at school what I was singing! I wasn't embarrassed to tell them though, cause I know my God is nothing to be ashamed of. I think God putting someone like you on this earth is miracle. I m now a massive fan of God (don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of you too!) and will keep luvin him even 'after the music fades!'
I'll be payin for ya and Becky and the kids!

Lisa, 13


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