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After the live recording last night In Knoxville, TN, Brian and I drove (Brian drove and I rode) to Cookeville, TN, about halfway to Nashville. We got about five hours of good hotel bed sleep in, drove to Nashville's airport this morning and took off for Raleigh-Durham. Then flew to Philadelphia. Then drove a short ways to Wilmington, Delaware.

All that traveling and we arrived to be told our show was doomed, we had some tough competition for Delawarians' entertainment dollars: Punkin Chunkin, our runner explained, was going head to head with us. Punkin Chunkin is an international competition during which pumpkins are chunked as much as a mile, using human power, air power and a host of other "extreme" methods.

But the runner had some bad intel. Punkin Chunkin is still 19 days away. Good. Good for two reasons really: First, I still have time to buy tickets or build that killer nitrogen powered gourd tosser I've been dreaming of. And, second, I'm not so sure I would have been more popular than flying veggies.

Who is?


Anonymous keith said...

Viva la Cookeville! Spent four years there at TTU. Viva la Raleigh! There now.

Blogger Davidge said...

So... For all those people that get about a hundred Credit card applications a month, ilmington Delaware is the credit card capitol of the world.
and Shaun.. you're better than flying pumpkins any day for me. Smashing Pumpkins can give you a run for your money, but flying ones just don't make the cut.


Blogger Fruitcake! said...

Technically, pumpkins are a fruit. Sure sounds like fun. Have to check my calendar for that one or find someone nearby to DVD it for me. What would America do without festivities such as this? <><

Blogger Bill said...

Heard after the concert…

From an elder..."I was blessed by this tremendously talented and Godly man, whose heart is directed toward the Lord and who directs all of the praise for his gifts and talents back to the Lord. I was blessed by his theological treatment of Isaiah chapter 6 regarding the glory of God and the true meaning of worship."

From another elder (much older)…"this was not at all what I expected. I liked this. What an encouragement to see the body functioning together for the common goal of our mutual edification. We should do this more often."

From the team members that annually visit Russian orphans and then regularly write to them throughout the year…Wow! What Shaun said regarding our “loving the least of these” was such an encouragement to me. As Shaun sang “Jesus” I kept seeing mental pictures of the faces of the children in orphanage #1 running through my head. I want to use that song in our presentation this year.

From the man who buried his father this past Monday regarding what Shaun said about his grandmother before performing “Last Notes”…"this is exactly where I needed to be tonight."

Thank you Shaun and Brian for squeezing us in. We may never know (this side of glory) the full impact of those 2 hours this past Saturday night...

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Thanks for having us, Bill.


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