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Brian tells me we've had about 50 calls or e-mails about booking me for free January through March. And the phone's still ringing. Wow.

So much of that response is from SHLOG readers who either called or e-mailed Brian or passed on the info to those who did. Thanks for all the help. We should have a full three month tour and hopefully free a lot of kids from poverty.

Thank you.

Brian's still taking calls and e-mails trying to get the best (and cheapest) routing of the tour possible. So pass it on to anyone who might be interested in booking me for free (or pretty close.)


Blogger Mandy said...


I think this whole tour sounds like such a great idea, and I'm one of the many trying to make this work with Brian! I'm hoping to get you here as a part of our school's International Focus Event in February, because the timing would be perfect with what our focus is on campus that week. It's basically a Missions emphasis week. Anyway, thanks for being willing to do a tour like this and I hope we get to host you in Lincoln, IL!

Anonymous Heartscows said...

Well great! Maybe the email I sent to the SGA here at my school will invte ye

Anonymous noelle said...

wow shaun, God has really given you all a heart for this ministry. May He bless you so much for this. I know some of us sponsor some children and it's a huge blessing!

Blogger Karen said...

Any of those folks in northern CA? I'd love a chance to hear you.


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