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Brian and I have marveled at the power of the SHLOG over the last two days. We've traveled from OK CIty to Lexington (where we're spending our second day today) answering Brian's cell phone over and over again, talking to promoters who want to book me for free. Every time Brian hits receive on his e-mail - DING - another promoter asking how to book me for free.

"How'd you here about this free concert offer?" Brian asks.

"Shaun's blog," is almost always the answer. Or, "A friend of mine pointed me to Shaun's blog."

January is filling up. February and March still have empty weekends left. But the ball's rolling...quickly. So, thanks for all the inquiries and most of all for passing this offer on to friends who turned out to be interested. Did you forget anyone? Please, pass it on. Because, really, the power isn't the blog. It's all you blog readers spreading what you read here.

No pressure. I suddenly feel like I need to be very careful about what I write. Yikes.

And again, thanks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Shaun,

I take it the free concerts don't include a return visit to Coleraine!!

Glad to hear the 2007 diary is filling up.


Blogger Rachel said...

Hey Shaun,

It's been a while since I commented, so I thought to say hello. Also, I was part of this photo project recently entitled "i am the church" that I thought you might be interested in seeing. My friend Josh facilitated it...basically he had all of us (his fellow bloggers/friends) take pictures of people with the words "i am the church" somewhere in the picture. He is using all the photos (he had about 100+ come in I think)as a slideshow for a message he's giving at his church tomorrow.

I think you'd really like this. You can find it at www.thelongbrake.com :)

Hope this finds you well, Shaun. I miss all my Nashvegas people!


Blogger AmyCassidy said...

Congratulations!! Look at God at work through you! It's nice to see :) Don't be careful about what you write, please. That's what everyone else is doing, and that's why it's not working and the world remains unchanged. Thanks!!

Blogger Steven M. Russell said...

We don't come here because you are careful about what you write. We come here because you are real. Never change the way you write.

Blogger GrovesFan said...

AMEN! It's easy to book you too because you're just plain talented and funny doesn't hurt!


Blogger Brody Harper said...

you forgot sexy!

Blogger GrovesFan said...


I can't make those comments. First, I'm married and only my husband is SEXY to me. Second, Shaun is 10+ years my junior so that just doesn't work for me, and finally, while I absolutely LOVE his music and his teaching (even though I carry large bottles of tylenol as a result), he closely resembles a mic stand with jeans and I could comfortably fit two of him in any pair I own!


Blogger Nick said...

Shaun (and Brian)

Thanks for coming out to Lex -- it was a great weekend.


Anonymous Heartscows said...

I cry foul!! Brody can call you sexy and I can say your not sexy and get deleted for it. Discrimination!!


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