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I flew to California this morning because my body wasn't jacked up enough already. I'm still waking every morning between four and five and forcing myself back to sleep - my body thinking it's ten or eleven and about to sleep through lunch. Now I've added a couple hours to the disparity just to see what happens..and because I have no choice. I have a gig out here.

A great gig.

I'm playing for a convention put on by Youth Specialties, a gathering of hundreds of youth ministers and workers. I played the National Pastor's/Emergent Conference they put on a few years ago and unexpectedly got a lot of work from it. These things are showcases of sorts I guess, a chance for folks to hear musicians and speakers they haven't before...hear twenty minutes of a musician anyway. I get twenty minutes!

That's a challenge.

I think it's lunch time. Or is it breakfast? All I know is I'm hungry. I'll write more later...probably in the wee hours of the morning.


Blogger Brody Harper said...

We need to quit all this travel, and hang out, Shaun. I will be home Monday to Wednesday. If Kristin is not having a baby, we should kick it.

Looks like the trip was amazing. Can't wait to hear the stories.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to a lot of those YS meetings. Two observations:

a) They should give you an hour. I don't get the 20 minute thing.

b) I always thought the YS-event-attending crowd would be the best to perform in front of, especially as a speaker or to do comedy. Seriously. You're talking about a self-selecting group of delightfully weird people.

Hope it goes great.


Blogger Shaun Groves said...

The deck is stacked against me tonight though because...wait. That might make a good post later.

Brody, yes. "kickin' it" is what we'll do.

Brant, yes. One of the best crowds to ever play in front of. We're talking about sixths graders trapped the bodies of people with mortgages. Wonderfully strange people who don't take themselves (or me) seriously at all.

Blogger Steven M. Russell said...

Perhaps one of those rake, bananna, coke, lawm clippings smoothies from the previous post can get your sleep schedule corrected.

Blogger Brody Harper said...

I heard a clip of your 20 minutes tonight... over a cell phone, while other people were talking... but it sounded awesome.

Blogger AmyCassidy said...

This is not a comment to your blog posting.. it's for today's quote! I think Mother Teresa was on to something...."...and in the home begins the disruption of peace of the world." A little scary to be a parent, huh? We could get deep with this. True dat Mother T. :)
P.S. Quit complaining about how tiresome it is to be ooberfamous and play guitar and sing for a living while traveling the world. You get no sympathy from me. ;)

Blogger Cmommy said...

Shaun, I posted a few months ago and asked for prayer regarding our church and our need for a worship leader; just wanted to give praise that we've found not one but two. Change is....good, healthy, scary, painful...looks like the #1 new guy will be stretching a few arms up into the air and I am lovin' it. Now, if God could just hand my mic back to me~~~ahhh, timing is His specialty.

Have fun out there! Concerning the sleep deprivation, I guess you'll have to do what us mommies do--nap when the opportunity presents! Chrissy

Blogger Cmommy said...

Question: (uhoh, I'm channeling Dwight from The Office)
Is White Flag your most recent album? My 13 yr-old will rock on your music. :-)

Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

Try staying awake for 24 hours. That should fix your clock. Youth Specialties is AMAZING!! I'm so excited about youth ministry! I'm thinking about doing my internship this Summer. So excited!!

Blogger Ms. Pastor said...

I was at Youth Specialties (still am, acctually). For what it's worth, I just wanted to say I really appreciated your music. Wish there could have been more. I didn't get a chance to give you my email for the free music, but I guess I'll just have to buy the CD like everyone else.

So thanks for punishing your body just a little bit more. You blessed a lot of youth pastors.

Blogger Sean Walker said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog (even if was randomly). Your 20 minutes rocked at the YS Conference. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for playing for us!


Blogger marianne said...

I was lucky enough to be at the YS Conference and catch your 20 minutes there, too. Excellent job. :-) You were totally surrounded by grey and black backpacks when I came out...free music - that was cool. Thanks for making the trip.

Blogger Incoming... said...

great job at YS

Blogger Liz J said...

I was so blessed by your music and encouragement at YS. We can tell that you are genuine and real and honest in your faith and appreciation. Amazing. It's exciting to see what God does and says through ordinary humans. Rock on bro!


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