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We arrived in Nashville late last night, Becky and I having successfully stayed awake all day so we'd be ready for bed when we got home - forcing ourselves back onto a U.S. schedule. The kids were a little weirded out when we woke them up this morning - not so sure, I think, that the sugar wielding grandparents should be replaced so soon.

I opened the pantry to get started on breakfast to find our organic cereals now outnumbered by boxes with cartoon characters on them and partially hydrogenated crap inside them. I had a few bowls - you know, I can trash the stuff. That's wasteful.

I opened the kids' closets to get them dressed for the day and they're a little more full than before we left.

I went to the bathroom and the doorknob's been replaced.

I walked out the front door and the sidewalk is swept, Halloween decorations I've never seen before deck the steps, and the mailbox has been moved.

My kids are taller. Penelope's learned new words. Gresham outgrew his shoes. Gabriella is no longer in love. Everything's changed.

I need a day to adjust to all this of course so no e-mail and no work. Just resting up for trick-or-treating tonight and getting used to home again.


Anonymous keith said...

Since you received such a stirring welcome home, maybe you should write a song about it. ;)

Blogger Amy said...

welcome home!

Have a blast tonight!

Blogger Steven M. Russell said...

...and he was only gone a week.

Kids. They grow up quick.

And what cereal was it?

Captain Crunch? Fruity Pebbles?!

Gee. Now I'm hungry.

Blogger GrovesFan said...

Aren't grandparents great! Please don't squeeze the kids too hard trying to make them go back to the size they were when you left. It doesn't work and usually makes a big mess!

Don't get sick on all the halloween candy and make sure you get me some snickers. I hear Nancy's handing them out at her house.


Blogger Brody Harper said...

welcome home shaun. glad you made it back safe. happy anniversary. i will see you soon.

Blogger marianne said...

I'm way way behind on my Shlog Reading...it's a sad thing. But very glad I stopped by today. I like it all but like when you write about your family most. :-)

Did I see you on the schedule for Anaheim? Possibly?

Blogger Kathryn said...

welcome back! i'm behind in my own shlog reading too!! i found coming back from Europe worse than going to. . took me almost a week to recuperate time and sleep wise. .very yucky. .

Hope you had a wonderful time? How cool that your kids got to spend a week with their grandparents! Wow! We have our grandkids overnight sometimes, its fun but exhausting!


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