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We're splitting up today, our last day in London. Brian and Amy headed out a while ago to see Buckingham Palace and London Bridge and Becky and I slept in, got showered and dressed lazily and will eventually head out to the National Gallery to see Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt, Seurat and other masters I'v learned about in school but whose works I've never seen up close.

Then we're catching a movie.

Ann American movie.

Just because.

Just because seeing a movie without kids is a rare thing for us and worth flying all the way to Europe to enjoy.

Tomorrow, Germany.


Blogger GrovesFan said...

They're going to Tower Bridge I'll bet unless they're doing a heck of a lot of flying today. London bridge is in Arizona. All great places to see and a movie without kids is indeed a rare treat! When you're hungry and looking for outstanding food that's cheap, try Bella Pastas. It's a chain and they're all over the Leicester Square, Covent Gardens areas. Fantastic, authentic Italian food and great service.

If you haven't taken a ride on the London Eye, try to do that too. If it's a clear day, it's a gorgeous view and great photo op!

How's the sore throat/cold btw? Praying.


Blogger stephen said...

And I hope you got to see a movie at the Empire on Leicester Square. Their main screen seats 1,000 AND they have ushers who actually escort you to your seats.

Blogger Seth Ward said...

The Prestige is good. I sort of liked the Illusionist better. You've gotta try to get a Glass of Beer in the theater. Even if you don't drink it. Just not something you can do every day over here.

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

You can in Tennessee. Downtown Franklin. A pitcher and a movie...and a pizza.

The museum was worth the hours of walking. Just to stand within inches of a canvas Van Gogh and Rembrandt actually touched was strange for me. Inspiring.

Blogger supersimbo said...

the national gallery is awesome, i loved it when we visited in june...........just inspiring as you say shaun

Blogger Tracy said...

Glad you're having fun! And relaxing!

Blogger Nancy Tyler said...

Seeing an American movie in Europe...who do you think you are, David Sedaris?


Blogger Seth Ward said...

I've only seen a Van Gogh up close a few times and I am always thrown back first by how small the paintings are and then by how many zillion-layers of colors there are in one square inch of a corn field or of his cheekbone in a self-portrait.

I admire painters. I've tried it. I suck.


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