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I'm on a hotel in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, grabbing some blog time before we head out the door to play a church service nearby. I'm on the lobby computer - no WiFi around these parts. It's been a nice unintentional fast actually from all things wired: No cell phone. No internet. Ahh,relaxing.

Wanted to pop by here though to say thanks to all the Ireland bloggers that came to the show last night in Belfast, and thank everyone else who came as well. The last two days of shows have been great - I'm amazed anyone in America listens to my music - even more amazed anyone anywehere else does too.

A television station filmed last night's packed show in Belfast and will give us a DVD of it soon. We're investigating how to pass it on to you - many questions about royalties and permissions to work out, but we're beginning that process. Pictures of that show and the rest coming soon...well, if I get WiFi somewhere. I'm in no hurry to plug-in though.

Playing a youth oriented show tonight in Coleraine. Tomorrow we head to Scotland for a couple days, then England, then I start singing again in Germany. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for your prayers. I think the grandparents watching our kids need them more than us at this point. They're outnumbered.

Everything's great here.


Blogger Connor said...

Thanks for belfast last night and leading us in worship, was a really great night, God Bless

Blogger Steven M. Russell said...

You know. Earlier today I was thinking about how relaxing it would be to actually be forced to leave my technology behind.

No cell phone/pda, internet, etc. I might have to do something else with all that free time. I dunno...like spend time with God.

Maybe I should pretend I am in Ireland and lock all my stuff up.

Blogger GrovesFan said...

Wouldn't it be warmer if you were IN the hotel rather than ON it? I know how you hate the cold!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thought your concert and morning worship at the Coleraine Baptist was class!!!

You touched a few raw nerves and gave me food for thought!!!!

God Bless

Blogger Cassandra said...

today I got into a weak argument with a friend over whether it was right to take a person's life over self-defense. upon asking my friend to cite any scripture holding to his view, he was unable to (the closest thing he referenced was old testament capital punishment law, but he didn't even cite it), yet he still believes he won. and this was between two bible college students. I'm sure the Spirit is grieved much. anyway, during the conversation I thought, "Sheesh, and I bet Shaun Groves has to go through this all the time."

Anonymous Mark said...

Hey! The Belfast gig was fantastic - even better than when you were supporting MWS last time (if that's even possible!). Thanks for taking the time to talk to Judith and me at the end (and for putting up with me asking for an autograph).

Oh, forgot to ask you after the show: what was your guitar de-tuned to? I couldn't work it out but it sounded great.

See you back again soon???

Blogger allyatig said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger supersimbo said...

shaun!! what can i say..................we stole the sofa!!

Safe journeying for the rest of the trip........thanks for coming our way, it was a real blessing


Anonymous Richard said...


Thank you for your ministry in Belfast. As I said, being able to minister the presence of God is a special gift and God has blessed you in this way. I hope that we get the opportunity to speak again soon and until then may the light of God's presence and His Anointing increase on your Family, your Ministry and most of all YOU. God bless bro.

Richard (richard.mcgreevy@bt.com)


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