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Between us we took three cameras and mine is the worst of the bunch. Even so you can still get a feeling for just how beautiful Ireland is.

And old church from the 1700s. This sort of stuff is just strewn around Ireland, nothing written about it, no historical markers. "1700s? That's not old!" It is in America.

More from the old church.

Beck and me (I'm the tall one) near the Giant's Causeway.

Becky and Amy being loud Americans at the ferry station waiting to go to Scotland. Or, this is two overworked moms relaxing before their cruise to Scotland.

The Giant's Causeway. A giant, legend has it, named Finn McCool fell in love with a lady in Scotland and build this causeway to reach her. There's a rock off the coast of Scotland he's said to have thrown at an enemy over there.

Pics from Scotland and London coming up.


Blogger supersimbo said...

ireland is ok innit?? hehe

Blogger GrovesFan said...


Did you get Becky's permission before posting these pics or are you living dangerously these days? Looks like you had a great time. Beautiful country to be sure!


Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Ireland is the one country I've visited that I would seriously consider living in. I loved it. The people. The food. The scenery. The language. Great place.

Yes, living dangerously. Hoping the lack of close ups will please her. She hates having her picture taken. Hates anyone seeing it even more.

Blogger Nancy Tyler said...

It's good to finally see who it is I've been praying for, for the last five years. ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well we won't tell her if you won't. And you had me totally confused on which one of you was Shaun and the other Becky in that shot of you two. I have met a woman named Shaun once except she spelled it Shawn in stead of Shaun. Anyway, ya know it's really good to have you back. My life has been a dismal black hole since you've been gone. [Not really I'm just trying to make you feel good.]

Blogger simpy said...

Hey Shaun,
Glad you guys got back form Europe. Pictures of your visit look class. By the way - what do you mean by describing Finn McCool as a legend??

Blogger supersimbo said...

mmmm you would consider living here? wow

Finn McCool the legendary "rocker"..........hehe

Anonymous emma said...

'Cruise' to Scotland?? Thats not a cruise! Its a brief boat journey between two places! Glad you guys had a good time over our way.

Blogger Shaun Groves said...


Forgot to explain the odd vocabulary of Ireland too. Coleraine used "class" more than Belfast - it means good they say. ("Tell the dumb American it means good. Go ahead. I dare you.")

And then there's "suckin' diesel." Still not clear on what that means exactly but I was told I was "suckin' diesel" after the show in Coleraine. Again, they claim it's a good thing. Definition not given though....hmmm...

Simpy, good to have you on the blog. You too emma. You know Ally (aka supersimbo) is the Irish king of blogging? There was a pageant and a crowning ceremony and everything. I met loads of Irish folk in Belfast who knew of me from Ally's blog. He's class. Suckin' diesel even.

I think...

Blogger Connor said...

sometimes i think we in ireland take for granted how beautiful it actually is... suckin diesel, ha thats class, gotta start americans usin that phrase, theres a couple of pics on my blog from your show in belfast, n some pics of ireland on my website as well... Ally is most def the king of irish bloggers, without a doubt,


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