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A quick update on the new shaungroves.com/shlog.com site. It's my fault; I left the country as we neared the aimed for launch date of the new site. We're close but not there yet. I have a few more files to finish up and get over to Kat, who'll then load them in and begin testing everything out to make sure it works as it should.

In the meantime you can help me create more content for the new site. If you have any...

  • Pictures or videos from shows or at all related to me or my music we'll post them. Just e-mail them to me at shaunfanmail@bellsouth.net. If you're a pro photographer let me know your url and name and I'll put that info on the pics.

  • Questions pertaining to me, music or books or writing or ninjas or anything else you'd like answered, that'll give me something extra to write about for the new site.

  • Audio files from any live shows, interviews etc are welcome too.

    Send everything you've got to shaunfanmail@bellsouth.net.

    Thanks for your patience. The new shaungroves.com is coming soon.

    Anonymous Dustin & Los said...

    You have been SpitBoxed.

    Blogger supersimbo said...

    shaun, you want to use any of my pics from Belfast? The link is still up on my blog..........the same poster i used to promote the gig.
    look forward to the new site


    Blogger Shaun Groves said...


    Blogger Steven M. Russell said...

    Perhaps one of those rake, bananna, coke, lawm clippings smoothies from the previous post can get your sleep schedule corrected.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I've got pictures, Cristy has pictures, and Kristen has pictures all from the live show.


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