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I haven't posted about the recent headlines regarding a very public Christian leader's now very public mistakes because I'm grieved. I should be. Blessed are those who mourn, who don't make jokes or place blame but simply mourn that sin exists...in us all, and that all sin in any Christian's life is truly tragic because it ultimately damages the God they represent.

My friend Dwight Edwards said it best in his book Revolution Within when he wrote, "The great tragedy and heinousness of our sin is not primarily the destruction it brings to our lives but the crippling it brings to God's name. Whenever a believer sins - whether it be the godless hedonism of license or the cold hardness of legalism - the worst result is that the glory of God is for that moment obscured; His name is made to limp. When our conduct nullifies our profession of God's greatness, when our lives fail to reflect the presence of resurrection power, we profane God's name."

My smallest sins deserve outrage of the magnitude the sins of public figures often receive. Measured against the sins we call the worst, mine weigh the same. They result in the same tragedy: the humiliation of God. Any commentary made about anyone else's sin is a commentary on my own. I grieve it like my own. And that's really all I can do about it right now.


Anonymous keith said...

I heard the same theme of the magnitude of our sin mentioned in a sermon I listened to today. Thanks for reinforcing it so well.

Anonymous bryan said...

once the cameras go away and the headlines move on, what you're left with is a family that has been greatly shaken by sin. I agree with what Ross Parsley said, that Ted is better off today than he was 1 week ago. God is in the business of healing and restoring the broken and humble, so i pray that Ted finds himself there...because He will find God there. And i pray that the restoration of his family and the joy he finds in being broken and humble and honest before God and his wife will bring glory to the name that his sin has brought shame to.

Blogger Steven M. Russell said...

Well said. Very well said.


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