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It's hard for a svelte man to find pants. In America. In Europe, not a problem. Japan, a sinch. But in a nation where the average waist size - I'm betting - dwarfs the average in-seam measurement it's not a breeze.

Twelve stores later I finally found a pair of 30/32 black pants that fit like my usual freakish 30/34's.

And Becky says they're navy blue.

Here we go again.

I'm having seconds at dinner.

NOTE: Shaun Groves loves people of all shapes and sizes. He cares more about being healthy than conforming to some contrived ideal standard body measurement. However, Shaun Groves envies anyone who can find a pair of pants in less than an hour at any mall in the U.S. and he reserves the right to dislike them. And to speak in third person.


Blogger Mark said...

Have you tried Mervyn's yet? Mark's a 32/32, and that's about the only place he can find that has pants anywhere close to his size. Usually only one pair at a time in any given color, but it's better then nothing.

Hey, this talking in the third person is fun. Mark will have to do it more.

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Shaun Groves likes Mark speaking in third person. Shaun Groves thinks it makes Mark sound like he's a big deal. Shaun Groves has not checked Mervyn's for pants in his size but also doesn't think the prevalence of 32/32's is any indication that they'll have 30/34's. Shaun doubts they will but Shaun Groves will certainly check that out.

Shaun Groves thanks Mark for that shopping tip.

Blogger Davidge said...

Davidge Thinks Shaun and Mark have really caught on to something. David is going to continue throughout the rest of the weekend. David also hopes he doesn't have to give any speeches anytime soon...

Blogger Toby said...


If you are above a 42 inch waist in this country you also have difficulty finding off the shelf pants unless you go to a fat guys store and pay 50+ for stinking pair of jeans! Walmart has begun carrying faded glory jeans in larger sizes maybe they also have jeans for the freakishly small waisted with long inseams.

Blogger Mark said...

If Mark accepts David's challenge of speaking in the third person all weekend, he will drive the friend's he is spending it with crazy.

He likes the idea.

Blogger Redneck Neighbor said...

OK Shaun,

Why didn't you consult with the shopping queen? I'm the reason my husband had to get a 9-5 job... Belks down in Columbia has a wide range of sizes and free alterations in as little as 2 days if you plan ahead. I have to shop there for Briana's pants because she is shaped funny AND mostly because they sell mature fitting clothes for elementary aged kids these days. I have to shop around to be able to dress my child like a child!


Blogger AmyCassidy said...

P.S. - After you take over the world via bloggosphere and move on to menswear... I have an idea. Jesus Pants... they can be like water proof jogging pants. Get it.. Jesus Pants repel water. Contact me for further marketing strategies.

Blogger man&wife said...

man&wife don't know what we like better, the shlog or the comments on the shlog...or typing in the third person....

This is a fun blog. man&wife will be back for further entertainment and shopping advice, though we are both chubsters with no problem finding clothes at the mall.

Blogger tray said...

my bro is 6'7 and i am 6'2... and the ONLY place we can find stylish, TALL pants is at The Buckle. there ya go. the best secret is out


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