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"Obviously no single album is going to satisfy everyone's musical tastes, but rock can be especially tricky. Go too far with sophistication, and you lose the average listener. Make it too simplistic, and people will say it lacks substance. Too hard, it becomes metal; too soft, it's suddenly considered pop. Look back through the history of rock and you'll find that the bands with tremendous cross-demographical success—the Coldplays, U2s, and Beatles of the world—fulfill Goldilocks's proverbial "just right." In short, it's a balancing act.

This is partly why everyone from teeny-boppers to middle-aged rock fanatics has recently fallen for Switchfoot. It was just over two years ago when they released The Beautiful Letdown and toured the club circuit, as fans quietly hoped for a mainstream breakthrough. After selling 2.5 million copies, the Southern California band officially arrived, going from a smart garage rock band to one of the most popular bands in music today. Now the question is, will they go the distance?"

-From Russ Breimeier's review of Switchfoot's "Nothing is Sound" released yesterday. Now on iTunes and in good music stores everywhere

Do you agree?


Blogger Fruitcake said...

I think Switchfoot is trying to please every crowd. It's great to have a lot of fans and to write music that all audiences can enjoy, but there should be uniqueness with every band - whether it be musically or lyrically.

Blogger Jason...aka Farky said...

I just think they're really good.

Anonymous kris said...

I don't know what their intentions are, but I think they're just a really good band that happens to appeal to more masses than usual.

Blogger Paula said...

I like switchfoot, not too keen on the reviewer at the moment...he blasted hillsong's latest...and I thought it was good - even bought a copy!

Anonymous Cpt. Crayon said...

They write good rock and say things that others seem to shy away from.

Easier Than Love
" Sex is currency
She sells cars, she sells magazines
Addictive, bittersweet, clap your hands
With the hopeless nicotines
Sex is industry, the CEO of corporate policy
Skin deep ministry, suburban youth, hail your so called liberty
Every advertising antic our banner waves with a neon glow
War and love become pedantic, we wage love with a mistletoe
Sex is easier than love. It’s easier than life.
It’s easier to fake it, smile, and bye.
It’s easier to leave. It’s easier to lie.
It’s harder to face ourselves at night, feeling alone
What have we done, what is the monster we’ve become
Where is my soul (Where is my soul)
Where is my soul"

Anonymous keith said...

They're one of my favorites. The combo of Jon's vocal qualities and the driving guitars appeal to my ears. I could listen to the guitar riffs in "Meant to Live" and "Stars" for a long time. I've liked them from their first album back in '96 all the way through college and up to wherever I am now. I understand their wide appeal.


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