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Due to the many requests after yesterday's post about THE LAST EYEWITNESS tour, here is the schedule of tour stops as it stands today:

  • April 7 - Toronto, Ontario – Tyndale College - 7:00pm - free - www.tyndale.ca

  • April 8 - S Barrington Hills, IL - Willow Creek Community Church - 5:30pm – free - www.generationaxis.com

  • April 9 – S. Barrington Hills, IL – Willow Creek Community Church – 11:00am – free – www.generationaxis.com

  • April 9 – Chesterfield, MO – Windsor Crossing Community Church – 7:00pm – free – www.windsorcrossing.org

  • April 11 – Franklin, TN – The People’s Church – 7:00pm – free – "http://www.ikoncommunity.com">www.ikoncommunity.com

  • April 13 – Lexington, KY – The University of Kentucky – 7:00pm – free – www.ukcsf.org

  • April 14 – Pine Bluff, AR – First Presbyterian Church – 7:00pm – $10 – www.1stchurchpb.org

    The Hummingbird Agency (the booking company Brian and I began together a few years ago) is booking this tour and still looking for a place to take it on April 12. Ideally, this would be a city within driving distance of Nashville - the stop the night before. If you're interested in booking THE LAST EYEWITNESS on April 12 contact Brian or fill out a submission form at thehummingbirdagency.com. Be sure to select "LAST EYE WITNESS" in the artist pull down menu.

    Anonymous Mark said...

    Hey Shaun,

    I'm Lavender's Bro-In-Law. Nice to see you'll be at Tyndale in Toronto again this year! Unfortunately I missed the show the last time you were around, but I'll certainly be there this time! Looking forward to it!

    Safe travels.

    Blogger Shaun Groves said...

    Oh, I won't. The tour will. But thanks for that anyway. I feel loved.

    Your brother is a great bass player. I plan on hyping his band's new CD here soon. As soon as I get a full copy of it. The downhere guys and I have talked a few times about touring Canada together at some point - me being their opener since it's their home turf and all. But we've never made it happen. I'd love to try again this year. I really enjoyed what I got to see of Canada. This time I'd like to head left - to the part where the Tyndale students said "the wierdos who act like they live in California" live.

    Hope to see you if we ever get back up there.


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