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The apostle John was the last living disciple of Jesus' - the last eyewitness to the story and man that changed the course of civilization, that still fills church pews around the world, feeds hungry bellies, clothes naked bodies and brings peace and completion to the conflicted and busted. He wrote his recollections of Jesus down in his "Gospel." Tomorrow night at The People's Church in Franklin, TN ikon presents John's words to the Nashville community through words by author/communicator Chris Seay, painter Rob Pepper, musicians Robbie Seay Band and Waterdeep and film. John's words and his portrait of Jesus come to live tomorrow night at 7. Admission is FREE and open to all ages from anywhere drivable. Ikon has brought this touring company of story tellers to town tomorrow night but THE EVENT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Let me reiterate for those used to coming to ikon at 8pm in the ikon room at the people's church. Ikon will meet with the rest of the public coming to see The Last Eyewitness in the sanctuary of the people's church at 7pm. We'll get back to our regular time and place next week.

The Last Eyewitness has already been well received at Axis in Chicago, Tyndale College in Toronto and elsewhere. This is a rare opportunity to hear the story of Jesus in a new language - the language of film, art and music.

See you there.


Blogger BethelTraumaRN said...

Wow...I wish I could be there, this sounds really cool!

Have fun with it!


Anonymous Randy Webb said...

If i were even within a couple hours drive I'd be there... I absolutely love Waterdeep's art.


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