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I would guess that most of you have no idea who Sam Bowie is (unless you are from Kentucky and over the age of 30). Sam was the second player taken in the 1984 NBA draft. He played 11 years in the NBA and lives in relative obscurity in Lexington, KY. The Portland Trail Blazers had the second pick in the draft of 84 and had to choose between Sam and another talented player from a major university. The Houston Rockets had already taken Akeem Olajuwon, who would become one of the greatest centers in NBA history and bring the only two major sports championships to Houston. The Trail Blazers were looking for that ‘next superstar’ to turn their franchise around and bring championships to the Pacific Northwest. Portland chose the 7’1 Bowie to be that guy and it just did not work out. He was a fine player and a good man but the guy they passed on is what haunts them to this day.

On Saturday, my Houston Texans had the first pick of the NFL draft by virtue of a 2-14 record last year. When you are that bad you have too many holes to plug by just picking first in the draft. But this year there was a player with the electricity and skills that are rare – a player that can change the course of a franchise and turn 2-14 into 14-2.

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Brian is a walking sports almanac. I'm a walking virus at the moment, so enjoy the fruits of his brain today while mine swims in NyQuil.


Blogger Seth Ward said...

hey brian. have you had any time to think about how the Astros will do this year?


should we lynch Lidge now or later?

Blogger Tracy said...

Hi Shlog. I hope you feel better soon!!!

Blogger The Cachinnator said...

Ah, the sweet revenge of just being a Cowboys fan... ahhhhhhh...

Blogger Seth Ward said...

Cach, your picture always seems to fit the comment. you're evil kathy, just plain evil.

As for the Cowboys, i am a part of the rebel alliance that is seeking to overthrow the evil emperor Darth Jerry Jones. Until that day, its the Texans all the way baby.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it hard to equate Sam Bowie to Mario Williams. At the time when Sam Bowie was drafted the league was a center-dominated league. When Mr. Jordan was drafted, he could hardly hit a jump shot. No one knows for sure how Sam Bowie would have turned out with out all the leg and knee injuries.

When one looks in the division that Texas plays in, there is no way that Texas could would a shoot out with the Colts. The teams that the Colts lose to are teams that provide pressure on Mr. Manning. I do agree that Mr. Bush would have been a game changer if he were on the right team. What good is it for him to have a long touch down run and have Houston allow a touch down right a way to the other team?

As I am righting this I am thinking of the Chicago Bears this year. They won there division with the 29th rated offence, but they had the 2nd rated defence in the leauge.

If you had the chance, would you rather have Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Peyton has all the records, Tom has the championship rings.



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