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SHLOG has moved to shaungroves.com/shlog

Please change all links on your site to reflect the change of address. Thanks. See you at the new SHLOG.



It's the ultimate display of Jesus-powered evangelical manliness: Two alpha-male boomers enter the ring. A steel cage lowers, fencing the two warriors in for a fight to the death...or the front page of your local newspaper.

One, a complete set of Republican talking points come to life, a comedian with lightening fast lips and a die-hard commitment to never putting down a toilet seat. The other, a bearded long-haired hunter-gatherer and best-selling author, a pied piper leading an army of former Mother Teresa-like girly men in a battle of William Wallace proportions against the castration of the American church.

Two men - the manliest of men - face off for the title of "Most Testosteronic Evangelical in America."

Every woman wants to submit to them and every man wants to pay them $68 dollars for a weekend of 80s buttrock and instruction on how to grow a pair. Who will take home the prize?

My money's on Eldridge. He's wiry and spry. Brody's got a Franklin on Stine though. The kneeless jeans give him extra mobility Brody figures. Who's your pick?



SHLOG is closed until Friday December 8th. I'll be using my usual blogging time to finish up the new shaungroves.com and shlog.com. Thanks for understanding. I will check comments here so feel free to keep them coming, but no new blog posts will appear.

See you again soon.