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Thanks to CMCentral.com for getting the word out about the donations drive here at SHLOG.COM. Again, donations will rebuild this site and fund the creation of my next CD. All donations over $10 get that CD in exchange.

Thanks for the press guys. Anything I can do for you? Pay 'em a visit to say thanks.


Blogger Rachel said...

Hey Shaun. That's so cool that CM Central picked up what was going on with you. Gotta love it.

Well, I just posted a new blog and I am interested to know what you think. I have been reading a little bit of Friedrich Nietzsche's works (for one of my classes) and I find his frame of thought unsettlingly similar to that of the post modernism movement. Let me know what you think, I'd love to have your input.

See you at church!

Blogger Davidge said...

oh boy... Nietzsche.... Heheheh.... I remember my Nietzschie days... so long ago. ;)

Yay for Shaun, gettin some. Publicity, that is.

Shaun, Check your email. I know you're here more than there, so I figured I'd tell you here.


Blogger bdg.theTRu said...

you never know when or where i'll strike!

you don't owe me anything Shaun, just keep doing your thing...

peace... love... bdg...


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