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Just got off the phone with a very experienced live sound engineer friend of mine. I called him after not being able to get through to a couple other guys. I didn't call this friend first because, well, I assumed he'd be too expensive and too busy to hire. I finally called him only out of desperation just to ask if he knew of anyone else I could hire or could give me an idea of how much this live recording might cost us - ballpark figure.

He did me one better. He's not too busy or too expensive. He's sending over a budget tomorrow sometime. And if this works out as I hope it will I'll be recording live with the best there is - and he's a friend too.

Great news I had to share.

Where will we record? I'm leaning towards Knoxville,TN. There's a place there called New City Cafe that's always treated me right, always promoted well, always packed the place out and always attracts a good mix of all ages - college folk included. This being the Summer, getting college aged people to come out for a show will be difficult but if anyone can do it it's New City Cafe. Who'd be willing and able to come out to a show in Knoxville in the next couple months? (PS, I haven't exactly asked the folks at New City about all this yet so...shhhhh.)


Blogger Jeffrey J. Stables said...

I'm about 5 hours away from New City Cafe and would definitely love to make the roadtrip for this. Keep us apprised!

Blogger GrovesFan said...

I'm in ND but if I can swing it, we'll try to be there too.


Blogger Thomas said...

I'm in WI, but I would love to be there if possible.


Blogger Amy said...

Would it be on a weekend? I'd love to come out and crash at robyn's. (but coming from cali requires a little notice.)

Blogger sandy said...

Road trip to Knoxville hey the youth group will be on the way let us know when I will drive a van up

Blogger robyn elise said...

shaun, you don't even have to ask if i'd be able to go...i'd do whatever it took to get to k-town (or wherever you end up recording). if possible, try to keep it within about 6 hours of nashville...and if you ever come up to the 3rd floor of the provident building, come say hi to me.

Blogger Davidge said...

Hey, you thinkg we could Shanagle a van from TPC to take all of IKON that wanted to go?
or something of the sort?
I'm gona ba there I hope either way... unless I have to goo to Phoenix. which I might, but I'm sure you'll keep us all informed!


Blogger Beth said...

I'll be there in August....

Anonymous keith said...

I'll be very close to there with my family the week around July 4. If you play that week, we'll definitely make an effort to be there. I might even bring friends.

Blogger Andy said...


i'm not kenny woodhull or anything...but, knowing the current state of the cafe, i would say that you could probably pick whatever date you wanted, and it would be open to you. But, if you really want it to be successful, shoot for a date on a friday or saturday in late august(ut classes start back on the 23rd, and the first football game is sept. 2nd). This way, we'll have all summer to talk it up and promote it.

Anonymous chris said...

Shaun...I live in Greeneville, Tenn., about an hour NE of Knoxville, and would like to be a part! Keep me informed.


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