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Hey, without Photo Shop I had to go looking on-line for some already existing graphic to show our progress in this little fundraiser of ours. Couldn't find anything cooler than a thermometer (See left side bar). A stinkin' thermometer! But I pimped it out, turned it black and blue from white and red. Hope it suffices. It came with a free program that colors it in for me and the time that saves me makes up for the not-so-creative visual I guess.

Hey, and congrats! $537 has been raised for the rebuild of this site. We'll get started on that whole process soon.

I'm waiting to here from two engineers about recording the live disc. Waiting to hear if they're interested and if so how much it's going to cost.

I'm also talking with a film maker friend of mine about chronicling this whole experience of becoming independent as well as filming the actual live show for inclusion on the live disc. Just a brainstorm brewing at this point. I'll let you know if it actually starts raining. What, if anything, would you like to be part of the live CD and film?

Lastly, thank you. Thanks for giving and spreading the word about this campaign to make together what I can't make alone. I appreciate you.



Blogger Seth Ward said...

STONEHENGE!!!!! although midgets are kinda pricy these days.

If not that, it should beging with you getting lost on your way to the stage.

Or you could always go Smitty style- coming from a secret door in the back, through the audience with dry ice flowing around, the whole scene in slow motion, and on your way to the stage you high-five as many people as you can.

Blogger benstewart said...

How about a wrestler entrance with blaring 80's metal in the background? That seems Shaun-esque to me.

Blogger Davidge said...

I think you should just be a guy in front of the crowd all exited and waiting for whoever is coming out just like everybody else, but everybody is pushing so much that you get pushed into the stage and then even lifted up to it. you stumble and scatch yourself on the mike stand and your hand gets stuck to it on accident. A security guy starts to come over to throw you out. He says "put the mike down." "I Can't" "watddya mean?" "it's glued on" Oh, I'm sorry let's see what we can do about that. What's your name?" "I'm Shaun" *guard's mouth gapes* "...Shaun...Groves?" *wierd look* "Yeah..." "We've been waiting for you. get going" and the guard backs off and points to him and mouths off stage "that's the guy" someone announces "and the entertainment of the evening is finally here!...Shaun Groves!"
Someone walks out, prys the mike out of your hand, puts it back in the mike stand, and hands you a guitar... A beautiful Yamaha. ;-)

How's that sound?

Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

*SCREAMS BLOODY MURDER* NOOOOOOO!!!! Don't even THINK about doing anything "Smitty" style. I don't care if he USE to be the hoest thing since sliced bread just be your self. Please! Fur cryin' out loud don't we have enough MWS personators in the GMA business indie and otherwise?!

Why don't you just randomly show up at a few of your fan's houses and just totally freak them out? That'd be hilarious not to mention just down right new. I've never in all my days seen anyone do something like that and I always thought it'd make the artist more personal. Just my thoughts.
OR I'd just like to see a Day in the Life of Shaun Groves: "What do I do on my days off?" Just hang out at your house play with the kids talk with your wife jsut every day ____Shaun Groves stuff and we'll leave out the first name. :D

Blogger Seth Ward said...

Mustard Packer, I was being just a smidge sarcastic.

You are right, we don't need any more MWS impersonators. Neither do we need any stonehenge props and midgets running around them!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey about that Texas song? It might now go over so well if you're singing in Kentucky, but it is a fan favorite. Just a suggestion.

Blogger Rachel said...

Well...an idea for the live film would be to have it focused not just on the band and the performance, but perhaps also having someone walking through the crowd with a camera as it goes on. Like something from the audience's eyes. I know it's common for the film makers to interview attendees as well. Always gives an interesting perspective.

Maybe it could weave in some "cross footage" too from things like Ikon and ministry things you've been involved in? Like with a voice-over of you explaining your involvement. I don't know. :) Just ideas. I think it would be cool.


Blogger Thomas said...

Shaun, I think Rachel's ideal sounds great. Other then that, all I can suggest is being yourself.

Also, what you are trying to accomplish with you going to your fans and asking them to help finance this project before it is even made is ground breaking in itself. It would be a shame for the Christian music industry writting off your album and dvd because it gets to commical and overshadows your music.

Just a thought.


Blogger Loren said...

Wilco's "Am I trying to break your heart" Was a great docudrama ending with a live concert...get a film student at belmont/other area U, to do it for their senior project! They work for food...


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